Fire Alarm Systems

Secure your business from fire with a fire system designed and installed by our trained experts.


These smart, yet affordable systems, detect smoke or heat and signal fire authorities at the first sign of danger.


Regardless of the size of your business, a fire alarm system should be considered, and we can help design one that works best for your business.

Access Control Systems

For commercial use, access control systems can regulate access to valuable inventory and corporate records with electronic locking systems that are released by magnetic cards or special code numbers.


Deep Valley Security's access control systems allow you to keep areas secured in a more efficient manner with an audit trail to tell who is coming and going.


Commercial losses due to employee theft is a staggering 40 - 60% in our country. Contact us at Deep Valley Security to secure your company today!

Commercial Buildings

Video Event Monitoring Surveillance

 Fast and efficient way to catch the "bad guy." The tradition alarm systems notifies you when a sensor has been tripped. Videofied sends short videos every time the built in motion detector is tripped, providing immediate verification to a operator at our Central Monitoring station to get immediate dispatch. Leaves you with a peace at mind for your business. 

Intercom Systems

The best and most efficient way to communicate with fellow employees. Save on needless trips to an empty room or office. Also, enjoy the convenience of knowing who is at your door without having to leave your seat.


Deep Valley Security offers complete systems design, installation and service of brand name intercom systems. This includes video or voice only systems for home and business.

Burglar Alarm Systems

These systems are designed to detect intruders and signal authorities. Deep Valley Security features "Wireless" Security Systems as an authorized Security Pro Dealer.


These systems provide security for your business location. The fully monitored systems keep an eye on your investment when you are away. Unquestionably, they are the most advanced and reliable Security Systems available today.