Home Intrusion and Fire Alarm Systems

These systems are designed to detect intruders, smoke, heat or carbon monoxide (as well as panic and medical alert options) and signal the proper authorities. We feature both "Wireless" and Hard-wired Security Systems that allow us to provide the best system to suit our customers needs.

Home Video Surveillance Systems

These systems are designed to display and record activity. Security cameras display on your home television and can be recording while you're not at home. This may be accomplished with traditional analog equipment or the newer digital systems. Video systems can reduce theft and vandalism from both inside and outside sources.

Medical Alert Systems

These systems provide freedom for the physically restricted that allows them to stay in their own home. They are helpful, convenient systems that include water resistant emergency buttons, "No Activity" signaling, "Pill Reminder" and smoke and carbon monoxide detection. All this included in only one package!