The Benefits of Wireless Technology


Wireless and wired systems both deliver reliable security for any size home or business. Whether you plan to decide which system to use in your home or you plan to let your security company make that decision for you, you should be aware of the many benefits of wireless technology. Did you know that wireless systems have been securing homes for more than two decades? Take advantage of these wireless benefits-all available from your Security Pro.


Quicker Installation

  • Less than 1/2 the time of a hardwire system

  • No Wires to Run

  • Little or no damage to the walls

  • More predictable installation time

  • Sensors can be placed where they are needed for best protection

  • Protection in detached areas

  • Easily accommodates homes with finished basements

  • Easily accommodates homes with vaulted ceilings

  • Easy to expand the system as more sensors are needed


Wireless Touchpad Convenience

  • Keychain touchpad control is convenient and easy. No access codes to remember—or forget.

  • Remote arming, disarming, light and phone control for added safety and convenience.

  • Provides a higher level of security because the system can be set with "No Delay" even when away.

  • Provides an instant alarm when break-in occurs

  • Activate house lights remotely so that premises can be entered safely


Wireless Panic Button Safety

  • Can be worn throughout the day on customer premises, indoors and outdoors

  • Provide police alarm when you feel threatened or in danger

  • Provides medical alarm when you need medical assistance


Automatic System Check

  • Reports to the central station when a sensor stops working

  • Reports to the central station when a battery is getting low


Individual Sensor Identification

  • Every sensor is assigned to an individual zone

  • Central station can direct police or fire department to the exact location of the home where the alarm occurred

  • Central station can direct service technician to the exact sensor which needs service or batteries

Total Connect 2.0

Stay connected with your home security, At your finger tips you can arm your Home Security without even being at home. Thanks to smart phones and Total Connect 2.0 you can arm your home with a tap of your finger. Not only that but you can check your arming and disarming to see when someone got home and if they armed to stay. Stay connected, Ask your Sales Rep about it today! 

Kids get home from school before you do? Now with the Live Video thanks to Honeywell you can watch your kids get home safely and disarm your system from your cell phone or work computer.


Is it getting cold and want a warm home to get to, Ask our Sales Rep how you can get Thermostat Controls in your home.